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Partnership Schools

Partnership Schools


The schools in our Trust include:

Bishop Bronescombe St Austell

Grampound Road

Grampound with Creed




St Mabyn

St Michael’s Helston

St Petroc’s Bodmin

St Tudy

St Winnow



St Michael’s CofE Primary School in Helston is the                                                                  

Lead school for our Trust. It is a two-form entry

school of 380 children with single aged classes.

It has a significant percentage of children

coming from service families based at RNAS

Culdrose. It has Nurture provision.                                   



Bishop Bronescombe CofE Primary School in St Austell has 345 children including Nursery provision. It is a one and a half class entry so has mixed aged classes throughout the school, except for Reception and Nursery. It has Nurture provision.

Grampound Road CofE E Primary School is in the village of Grampound Road. It has 108 children in four mixed age classes.

Grampound with Creed CofE School is in the village of Grampound. It has 64 children in three mixed age classes, one which includes Nursery.

Ladock CofE Primary School is in the village of Ladock. It has 117 children in four two-year mixed age classes, including Reception with Nursery.

Lerryn CofE Primary School is in the village of Lerryn. It has 29 children in two classes – both are for a whole key stage, one including Nursery.


Marhamchurch CofE Primary School is in the village of Marhamchurch, our most northerly school. It has 147 children split across 5 classes.        




St Mabyn CofE Primary School is in the village of St Mabyn. It has 38 children split across three mixed aged classes, including one with Nursery.

St Petroc’s CofE Primary School in Bodmin is the largest school within the Trust. It has 581 children in 21 classes. Some classes are individual year groups, some have two-years together. There is a separate Nursery unit and Nurture space.

St Tudy CofE Primary School is in the village of St Tudy. It has 44 children in three mixed aged classes.

St Winnow CofE Primary School is at the edge of Lostwithiel. It has recently grown to 4 classes with 99 pupils. Three classes have mixed ages, but one has single aged group – Reception.

Veryan CofE Primary School is in the village of Veryan. It has 54 children in three mixed aged classes, one including Nursery.