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Helping parents keep children safe with online devices

As parents, it can be difficult to work out how much use of screens and technology leads to a healthy balance. It's a hugely confusing world since it’s all so new - our social and work lives have been transformed in a very small number of years.

Many studies suggest that if children's use of technology is not moderated carefully, the effects can be undesirable - from obesity, to lack of social skills, to mental health problems and worse. Reports of exposure to inappropriate conversations and material online - including harmful and disturbing content - make us want to protect our children from such negative influences.

As an organisation, Celtic Cross Education supports the approach taken by the NSPCC towards achieving safer internet use for children.

Their Share Aware materials contain key information and suggestions for approaching internet safety with your family. Click here.
Their Net Aware section provides news and information to keep parents informed on specific apps and developments. Click here.

The NSPCC also produces video materials to highlight some of the concerning issues surrounding children's use of internet services. Schools in Celtic Cross Education regularly access such materials to deliver e-safety sessions to children.
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